• The fact is, figures either ‘add up’ or they do not, but in every circumstance, they tell a story.

  • At BVFF, our ‘competitive edge’ is an undeterred focus in providing our client partners with technical excellence and resourceful guidance.

  • Our experts possess professional credentials including CVA, CFE, CPA, and MAFF.

“Strength In Numbers”

At the core of every business, there are always numbers. And, very simply, these numbers either ‘add up’ or they do not. But in every circumstance, they tell a story. Our ability to discern the answers to this story provides our clients with analytical and practical resolutions to their questions.

At BVFF, we disagree with the phrase — ‘the best offense is a good defense’. We believe the best offense is the best offense and the best defense is the best defense — period. In the end, both are only achieved by being in possession of the full picture that the numbers tell.

BVFF — “Strength In Numbers”

Competitive Edge

In both athletics and business, more times than not, the key to victory is to possess what is commonly referred to as a ‘competitive edge’. This edge comes in many forms, but in business, it is being able to see through the noise and arrive at a solution. In many cases, the business owner requires the assistance of a professional to remove the clutter, and present answers and solutions in clear and comprehensible language.

At BVFF, our competitive edge is our ability to break through these barriers and assist our clients with creative resolutions.

Our Mantra

The art and science of business valuation and financial forensics is demanding and, more often than not, requires heavy lifting. Our motivation in providing answers and solutions is what we embrace with every project and case. We do not export this challenge; rather, we do it ourselves and look forward to creating resolutions for each of our clients.

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